Part III Seminars Lent 2013

The Lent 2013 Part III seminars will be held on Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th and Friday 15th March. Each talk lasts 1 hour.

Tea and coffee will be served in the core during 15 minute breaks each morning and afternoon, and everyone is invited to a party in the Part III room at 6.30pm on Friday.

Abstracts for talks can be viewed on each group's individual page (click on the name of the group).



Algebra, Representation Theory and Number Theory

Group leader: Giulio Codogni

MR11 2.00 Sondre Kvamme Artin Algebras and Almost Split Sequences
MR11 3.00 Nyma Sharifi Annihilators of Irreducible Representations of Finite Dimensional Complex Semisimple Lie Algebras
MR11 4.15 Amit Hazi An introduction to quantum groups
MR11 5.15 Kabalan Gaspard Galois Properties of Torsion Points on Elliptic Curves

Statistics and operational research

Group leader: Natalia Kudryashova

MR3 2.00 Tim Hennock

Optimal Auction Design

MR3 3.00
Thomas Conway Bayesian Technology for the Analysis of DNA mixtures

Graph Theory

Group leader: Tom Eccles

MR9 2.00 Adam Gosztolai Szemerédi's Regularity Lemma and its applications
MR9 3.00
Craig Newbold How many independent sets can a d-regular graph have?
MR9 4.15
Balázs Torok Sparse pseudo-random graphs are Hamiltonian
MR9 5.15
Joseph Briggs Subgraphs you can't avoid without being monochromatically doomed


Theoretical Physics 1

Group leader: Adam Solomon

MR11 9.00 William Woodhead Black Hole Superkicks
MR11 10.00
Edward Hughes Twistor Theory
MR11 11.15
- -
MR11 12.15
Zac Kenton Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime

Complex Geometry and Algebraic Topology

Group leader: Gabriele Benedetti

MR5 10.00 Omar Kidwai Calabi-Yau Manifolds and their Moduli
MR5 11.15 Dileep Menon Rational homotopy of spheres


Category Theory and Logic

Group leader: Filip Bar

MR5 2.00 Ben Millwood
The opposite of data
MR5 3.00 Sean Tull Accessible and locally presentable categories
MR5 4.15 Tom Avery Factorisation systems
MR5 5.15 Dayo Adeyemi A category of Conway games

Theoretical Physics 2

Group leader: Chris Blair

MR3 2.00 Carl Turner
Regularization & Renormalization - A Pedagogical Introduction
MR3 3.00
Christopher Halcrow

SUSY, Instantons and the exact form of the Prepotential

MR3 4.15
Dominic Dold
Is AdS spacetime stable? - A brief overview


Probability and Analysis

Group leader: Bati Sengul

MR4 3.00
Seb Armstrong

Optimal Investment and Consumption in Markets with Proportional Transaction Costs

MR4 4.15
Karen Habermann

Brownian Motion on a Riemannian Manifold

MR4 5.15
Ben Champion

The Radon Transform



Fluid Mechanics and Mathematical Biology

Group leader: Douglas Brumley

MR5 9.00 Tom Eaves Stability of Navier-Stokes Solutions
MR5 10.00
Pierre Haas Advection of Tracer Particles by Swimming Microorganisms
MR5 11.15
Stephanie Hyland R0... or not?
MR5 12.15
Leonhard Horstmeyer Geodesic flows are Bernoullian


Theoretical Physics 3

Group leader: Peng Zhao

MR3 9.00 Luc Darmé The modern approach of renormalization: from statistical physics to QFT
MR3 10.00
Panagiotis Betzios Random Matrices in Physics
MR3 11.15
Viraj Sanghai Dark Energy and Modified Gravity
MR3 12.15
Benjamin Wallisch CMB Polarization


Set Theory

Group leader: Achilleas Kryftis

Shani Cohen Some cardinals smaller than the continuum and an interesting connection to calculus
MR12 10.00
Jacob Hilton The Infinite Ramsey Theorem, Uncountably Long Decimals, and Large Cardinals
MR12 11.15
Kris Cao Games and determinacy
MR12 12.15
Clive Newstead Models of set theory from topological groups


Algebraic Topology

Group leader: Thomas Gillespie

Suzanne Carter Khovanov Homology (Part 1)
MR2 10.00
Claudius Zibrowius Khovanov Homotopy Types (Part 2)
MR2 11.15
Sam Hutchinson Generalised Cohomology and Formal Groups Laws
MR2 12.15
Eva Belmont Cobordism in Algebraic Topology


Combinatorics and Analysis

Group leader: Ben Barber

MR5 2.00 Anja Komatar Judicious partitions
MR5 3.00
Julian Sahasrabudhe
Harmonic functions on groups: growth and recurrence
MR5 4.15
Stefano Gogioso
Non-standard analysis
MR5 5.15
Damian Reding
The Eberlein-Smulian theorem


Quantum Computing and Foundations; Classical Complexity Theory

Group leader: Sergii Strelchuk

MR13 2.00 Hilary Hurst
Nonlocality in Quantum Mechanics: Deconstructing the Aharonov-Bohm Effect
MR13 3.00
András Gilyen
Quantum Random Walks
MR13 4.15
Marc Khoury
Introduction to Computational Complexity
MR13 5.15
Tair Akhmejanov Circuit Lower Bounds

Algebraic Geometry

Group leader: Carmelo Di Natale

MR4 2.00 Peter Dunning
Spectral Sequences
MR4 3.00
Kien Nguyen
Curves and Their Jacobians
MR4 4.15
Philipp Jell
Arakelov Theory on Arithmetic Surfaces
MR4 5.15
Tom Bachmann
A∞-Structures on a Quiver Algebra and Weierstrass Cubics