Part III Seminars Michaelmas 2012

The Michaelmas 2012 Part III seminars will be held on Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th and Friday 30th November.  Each talk lasts 45 minutes.

Tea and coffee will be served in the core during 15 minute breaks each morning and afternoon, and everyone is invited to a party in the Part III room at 5.30pm on Friday.

Abstracts for talks can be viewed on each group's individual page (click on the name of the group).


Probability and Operational Research

Group leader: Ben Derrett

MR4 2.45 Dayo Adeyemi Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
MR4 3.30 Tim Hennock Backwards Martingales and the Strong Law of Large Numbers
MR4 4.30 Sarah Penington Optional Stopping Theorem and Applications
MR4 5.15 Preeyan Parmar Congestion Charging in Road Networks

Set Theory and Number Theory

Group leader: Cosmin Davidescu

MR9 2.00 Kris Cao Forcing
MR9 2.45 Clive Newstead Making the Axiom of Choice Fail
MR9 3.30 Kabalan Gaspard Algebraically Solving the Prime Case of Pell's Equation
MR9 4.30 Daniil Rudenko The Proof of the Stein Conjecture
MR9 5.15 Alex Carney Near-injectivity of Polynomial Maps on Number Fields



Group leader: Bhargav Narayanan

MR14 9.00 Craig Newbold Compressions in Combinatorics
MR14 9.45 Ewan Davies Antichains in the discrete cube and the LYM inequality
MR14 10.30 Joseph Briggs Homomorphisms which aren't quite homomorphisms
MR14 11.30 Richard Leyland Thieves, Topology, Necklaces, and Sandwiches
MR14 12.15 Julian Sahasrabudhe Topology and words with low additive complexity


Group leader: Rachael Bonnebaigt

MR11 9.00 Katarzyna Kowal Confined Grounding Lines
MR11 9.45 Pierre Haas
Turing Instabilities and Pattern Formation
MR11 10.30 Megan Stamper Waves Approaching Shore

Theoretical Physics 1

Group leader: Laurence Perreault Levasseur

MR3 9.00 Gerben Oling Mechanics of Symplectic Geometry
MR3 9.45 Andrius Štikonas

Quantization of Electrodynamics in the Lorentz gauge

MR3 10.30

Benjamin Wallisch

Spinor Helicity Method

MR3 11.30 Zac Kenton Fibre Bundles in Theoretical Physics
MR3 12.15 Luc Darmé Kaluza-Klein Theory

Algebraic Geometry

Group leader: Ruadhai Dervan

MR13 2.00 Kien Nguyen The 27 Lines on a Cubic Surface
MR13 2.45 Peter Dunning Varieties and Schemes
MR13 3.30 Claudius Zibrowius The Milnor fibration: Studying Isolated Singularities on Complex Hypersurfaces
MR13 4.30 Phillip Jell The Weil Conjectures for Varieties/Curves over Finite Fields
MR13 5.15 Tom Bachmann Mixed Hodge Structures

Statistics and Related

Group leader: Mary Fortune

MR11 2.00 David Walsh The Bootstrap and Bagging
MR11 2.45 Thomas Humeau Proliferation of Parasites in a Population of Cells
MR11 3.30 Leo Horstmeyer Information Geometry
MR11 4.30 Ben Champion Approximate Option-Implied Pricing Distributions
MR11 5.15 Mateo Rojas Adaptive Biasing Force Methods


Algebra and Geometry

Group leader: Gareth Ainsworth

MR12 9.00 Daniel Álvarez-Gavel The Poincare-Hopf Index Theorem and a generalized Gauss-Bonnet formula
MR12 9.45 Massimiliano Ungheretti Conway's ZIP Proof
MR12 10.30 Omar Kidwai A Brief Introduction to Poisson Geometry
MR12 11.30 Amit Hazi Lie algebras through Lie groups: a geometrical approach
MR12 12.15 Gus Lonergan The Weyl Character Formula

Theoretical Physics 2

Group leader: Adam Solomon

MR14 9.45 Panagiotis Betzios Statistical Field Theory and Renormalization Group: Notions and Applications
MR14 10.30

Joshua Hellier

Condensed Matter I - Second Quantisation Methods in Condensed Matter
MR14 11.30

Carl P. Turner

Condensed Matter II - Superconductivity: The Physics of the Mathematics

MR14 12.15 Benjamin Nachman Higgs Hunting: What is the Higgs and did we find it?

Category Theory and Logic

Group leader: Achilleas Kryftis

MR13 2.00 Sondre Kvamme Representable Functors
MR13 2.45 Eva Belmont Simplicial Sets and Categorical Implications
MR13 3.45 Nicholas Wentzlaff Category Theory and Logic
MR13 4.30 Ben Millwood The Curry-Howard correspondence

Theoretical Physics 3

Group leader: David Twigg

MR9 2.00 Edward Hughes Why So Many Dimensions in String Theory?
MR9 2.45 Claudius Hubig Second Quantisation and Fermi-Dirac Statistics
MR9 3.45 Chris Halcrow Introduction to Solitons
MR9 4.30 Jonathan Gleason Why Hilbert spaces are insufficient to do Quantum Mechanics