Part III Seminars Lent 2012

The Lent 2012 Part III seminars will be held on Wednesday 14, Thursday 15 and Friday 16 March.  Each talk lasts 45 minutes, plus 10 minutes allowed for questions.

Tea and coffee will be served in the core during 20 minute breaks each morning and afternoon, and everyone is invited to a party in the Part III room at 5.30 on Friday.

Abstracts for talks can be viewed on each group's individual page.


Number Theory

Group leader: Cosmin Davidescu

MR5 2.30 Margaret Bilu Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication
MR5 3.25
Chris Williams p-adic Analysis and the Tate Curve
MR5 4.40
Valentjin Karemaker p-adic Uniformisation
MR5 5.35
Freddie Manners Prime Numbers Are Knots in the 3-sphere

Fluid Mechanics

Group leader: Douglas Brumley

MR11 2.30 Elizaveta Dubrovina Sound Propagation in Aircraft Engine Intakes
MR11 3.25
Aneesha Nirmalan

Fluid Flow and Elastic Flexure (experimental)

MR11 4.40 Rachael Bonnebaigt Fluid Flow and Elastic Flexure (theoretical)
MR11 5.35
Joshua Caplan Segregated Granular Collapse


Complex Geometry

Group leader: Peter Herbrich

MR9 9.00 Lukas Brantner Hodge Theory
MR9 9.55 Stefan Schreieder Hodge Numbers
MR9 11.10 Cathy Cannizzo On the Existence of Kähler-Einstein Metrics
MR9 12.05 Ruadhai Dervan Geometric Invariant Theory and its Relation to the Kähler Einstein Problem

Theoretical Physics 1 (including one topology talk)

Group leader: Chris Blair

Note that this group contains a talk of interest to pure mathematicians as well as talks of interest to theoretical physicists*.

MR13 9.00 Alec Graham
Einstein-Aether gravity
MR13 9.55 Felix Rudolph
Generalized Geometry and M-Theory
MR13 11.10 Benjamin Küster Topological Features of Vector Bundles*
MR13 12.05 Manuel Bärenz Background independence in Quantum Gravity


Group leader: Natasha Kudryashova

MR15 11.10 Mary D. Fortune Statistical Genomics
MR15 12.05 Anthony P. Austin Highly Oscillatory Quadrature
MR3 2.00 Helge G.W. Dietert Landau Damping
MR3 2.55 Helge G.W. Dietert The Radon-Nikodym Theorem
MR3 4.10 Juhan Aru Analytic proofs of the "Hairy ball theorem" and the Brouwer  Fixed Point theorem

Algebraic Geometry & Category Theory

Group leader: Carmelo Di Natale

MR5 2.00 Georgeos Charalambous On Categorical Galois Theory
MR5 2.55 Michael Weiss A brief introduction to Jacobian varieties
MR5 4.10 Jonathan Wang The moduli stack of vector bundles
MR5 5.05 Thierry Stulemeijer On representations of linear algebraic groups

Theoretical Physics 2

Group leader: Chris Blair

MR13 2.00 Temple He Entropy Bounds: Motivating the Holographic Principle
MR13 2.55 Andrew Singleton
Topological String Theory
MR13 4.10 Dejan Gajic
The strong cosmic censorship conjecture for the spherically symmetric Einstein-Maxwell-scalar field model


Topology/Differential Geometry

Group leader: Marco Golla

MR3 9.00 Duncan "Tom" McCoy Branched double covers of alternating links
MR3 9.55 Thomas Gillespie Branched double covers and their Heegaard Floer homology
MR5 11.10 Thomas Prince Lagrangian Klein bottles
MR5 12.05 Tom Sutton Non-torsion in the homotopy groups of spheres

Quantum Computing/Quantum Information

Group leader: Sergii Strelchuk

MR12 9.00 Suzanne van Dam Philosophical aspects of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
MR12 9.55 James Hutchinson Two State Vector Formalism
MR4 11.10 Jonathan Agg Quantum complexity of Local Hamiltonian problems
MR4 12.05 Sam Rodriques Entanglement Monotones


Group leader: Elena Yudovina

MR11 11.10 Matthew Phinney Coalescence
MR11 12.05 Arès Méroueh Canonical Ramsey Theory
MR14 3.40 Junhao Liu Reputation Systems
MR14 4.35 Trevor Pinto
Nowhere-Zero Flows on Graphs

Number Theory/Algebraic Geometry

Group leader: Cangxiong Chen

MR5 2.25 Adam Morgan Elliptic Curves over Function Fields
MR5 3.40 Tom Lovering How to Prove the "Geometric" Riemann Hypothesis
MR5 4.35 Remy van Dobben de Bruyn The local Langlands programme


Group leader: Tamara von Glehn

MR15 1.30 Jonathan Lee
What is the quantum state?
MR15 2.25
Zach Norwood L
MR15 3.40
Matthijs Vákár Quantum Foundations and Topos Theory
MR15 4.35
Zhen Lin Low Monadicity and Descent