Michaelmas Term Week 1

Study Groups

When learning a lot of new and probably hard courses, it can be very helpful to talk to others taking the same course. The study groups give you the opportunity to organise helpful discussions with others from your lecture course. This can be about prerequisites, about the current lecture material, about some example sheet questions, ... Use them in a way that most benefits you.
Doing Part III, you are now Masters students and have to increase your level of independent learning. In this spirit, Study Groups are not supposed to be a substitute for undergraduate supervisions, and are set up for you to organise yourselves on purpose.

Talk: Introduction to the Careers Service (including applying to PhDs in the USA)

In this talk you will be introduced to the facilities available at the University Careers Service. Due to strong demand, there will be a focus on USA PhD applications, which have quite early deadlines.

The process of finding the right place for the years to come is one that will continue through this term and the next.  In particular,  the Graduate Studies Elsewhere afternoon (see week 5) and the Research groups in Cambridge sessions (starting week 3) are part of this process, and a part you should plan on being part of.

Some additional advice if you are planning to apply for a PhD in Cambridge: talk to the PhD students in that field and ask them for advice. In some subjects, it is good to talk to the professors who work in the field you are interested in, as well as their PhD students and possibly the postdocs. When you fill in the application form, for some subjects it is not a good idea to leave the "prospective supervisors" fields completely empty, as this might lead to nobody reading your application with interest. If you are not sure who you want to work with, put two to three names instead of none. However, this may not be the case in some of the physics areas; ask someone in the specific area for advice.

Take advantage of all help offered.