Michaelmas Term Week 0

Part III Introductory Meeting

This is the start of the Part III year.  It will be very crowded.  You will be given a lot of information, which is often hard to take in at this point.  A large part of this is general administrative information, much of which can be found in Prof. Korner's Unofficial Guide to Part III.  Perhaps the most important part of this is to learn what sources of help are available to you - what the roles of Director of Studies, Tutor, Subject advisor are, and who else might be useful for advice and explanation of how the Cambridge system works.

The Subject Advisers will also introduce themselves, and the courses which are being offered this year.  Some are courses which are given every year, and it is well worth reading both this year's and last year's Guide to Courses to get an idea of what is covered in the more basic courses before this meeting.

Lectures begin

The usual practice is to sample six or seven courses intending to drop one or two within the first week.  This means that lectures are extremely crowded in the first week.  Be prepared to stand or sit on the floor in some cases.  Some of the more popular courses may be rescheduled to make better use of the bigger rooms.  The class sizes generally shrink dramatically after the first week.  There will be a general re-allocation of rooms according to need after the first week.

Catch-up workshops

Many Part III students come to Cambridge from other universities, so their mathematical background is as varied as the places they come from. The catch-up workshops at the beginning of Michaelmas term intend to deliver some background material in subjects such as Algebraic Topology, Galois Theory, Commutative Algebra, Measure Theory, Representation Theory, Functional Analysis, Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity and Fluids. They run 2pm-4pm Thursday to Tuesday in the first week of lectures, and are given by PhD students who try to make them based around examples. Some of these catch-up workshops may be followed up by support meetings through the term.