Easter Term Week 8

Reading of Part III Results

The reading of the Part III results at the Senate House is a tradition/ordeal of long standing. These days however, you can look up your results on CamSIS the day before, so you do not need to go, and if you do go, you should already know your own result. The list of Part III results is read out in two parts: first those students who did their undergraduate studies in Cambridge, then the others. You may opt out of having your name on the public list if you don't want it read out and posted in front of the Senate house. But be aware that people who fail also don't appear on the list, so if you opt out, some of your friends might think you have failed unless you tell them otherwise.

Unless your plans for the next year are in no way dependant on your results, it is a very good idea to have the rest of the day (and perhaps the week following as well) free to spend negotiating with potential advisers and arranging funding for future studies.   If you have taken advice to heart and kept at least one attractive fallback option open, disappointments will not be catastrophic for your career.  Plans can and do change, and not always for the worse.  Be prepared to be flexible, and use the time available to revise plans appropriately in the light of your results.


The end of the year hits people rather suddenly.  One week everyone is studying madly, the next week there is scant time to pack and say good-byes.  On the Friday following the announcement of results departments provides a liberal supply of strawberries, wine, cheese and French stick, giving you the chance to sit about the core one final time talking with friends and colleagues you will never quite forget.