Careers events and opportunities

The maths faculty has set up mailing lists for students who wish to receive job advertisements.

Note to companies: To send emails to our members please use the faculty's mailing lists. To post an advertisement on this page, please send details to the CUGMS president in the following format: Company name and web address, brief (100 words max.) description of role/company, (optional) link to further details or PDF attachment.

Job opportunities 2013-2014

Note to members: The Graduate Maths Society is in no way affiliated with any of the organisations listed below. If any of our members do contact those listed below (especially the recruitment agencies) and find them helpful or unhelpful do let us know so that we can review whether to continue to list them.

  • Cambridge Immerse (, submitted by Penny Nelligan). Cambridge Immerse is a two week residential educational experience that allows participants aged 16-18 to gain an unrivalled insight into a chosen discipline, ranging from the arts to the sciences, that takes place in July and August 2014. We're looking for Cambridge University members to fill a variety of positions, from academic tutoring to summer mentoring, and even article writing. Salaries are very competitive, and it's also a great way spend some extra time in Cambridge this summer, whilst contributing to an enjoyable and memorable programme and gaining valuable experience and skills along the way. The opportunities that are currently open are as follows:

    • Programme Director
    • Summer Mentors
    • Academic Tutors (in a wide range of subjects)
    • Article Writers

    Please visit our web page, which provides greater detail on the roles that we're currently looking for as well as an online application form. Please note that you have to be a current member of Cambridge University to apply. If you require further information please don't hesitate to email