Social Events

One of the main aims of the CUGMS is to have fun! The committee organise a number of social events throughout the year to which all members are invited. We also encourage members to organise their own events. So, if you have an idea, do get in touch and we'll try to provide help with either time or money. Or maybe you already run a regular event, but want to start advertising it more widely, or get some funding from us. We have put up some guidelines to give you ideas for possible events and what they have to satisfy so we can fund them.

Ongoing events

Happy Hour (not run by CUGMS) – beer & nibbles at the CMS every Friday at 5, open to everyone in the maths departments.

Occasional events

Movie nights – MR2 is a really good cinema. The committee hold film nights when they remember, but if you'd like to reduce the wait til the next one just get hold of a good film on DVD and tell us when you'd like to show it. We can probably organise cheap pizza too.

Annual events

End of year garden party – for all Part III and PhD students after the Part III exams finish.