Study group central page for cosmology


There are two Cosmology study groups.  The group organisers are indicated by an asterisk*.


Co F5 Friday 5:00

  • Yelle Aalberg ja446
  • Ashok Thillaisundaram at440
  • Carl Shneider cs552
  • Daniel Yip dy235
  • Thiti Sirithanakorn ts406
  • Guido Franchetti gf270
  • Lars Herrmann loh20

Co Th5 Thursday 5:45-7:00 MR14

  • Gillian James gfgj2
  • Marcel Schmittfull ms865
  • Emer Brady eb441
  • Luke Miller lam76
  • David Schroren dps45

Please keep this page current.  If you drop out of a group, remove your name.  If your group changes its time or place of meeting, or disbands, please edit the page accordingly.