Research Groups in Cambridge

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This is a chance for Part III students to meet the graduate students in Cambridge, hear what they are working on, and ask them questions about their research group and subject. There will be separate events for each research group, spread out over Michaelmas term. The follwing is a list of events for which we have information.

Michaelmas 2014


Date & Time Research Group Format Location Contact
N/A Combinatorics None. N/A N/A
21st November, 2pm-3pm Algebra Talk to some current PhD student over tea and coffee Pav C Common Room Amit Hazi (ah593)
3rd November, 6pm - Fluids A chance to meet some current PhD students (hopefully accompanied by cheese and wine!) Pav H Common Room Justas Dauparas (jd540)
26th November, 1 pm - 2 pm Logic & Foundations / Category Theory Presentations from current graduate students followed by Q&A session MR13 Eric Faber (eef25)
N/A Number Theory None. N/A N/A
1st December, 5.15 pm Astrofluids ? MR14 ?

6th November, 2pm

Geometry & Topology Brief presentations from current graduate students & informal discussion. MR5 Joe Waldran (jaw66)
27th November CCA Annual open day. See for further information TBC        
27th November, 2.30pm HEP & GR An opportunity to hear about current research and possible PhD projects in these areas B1.19 (the Potter Room) Nick Dorey (

Past events:
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25 November 2010
29 October 2009
6 November 2008