Part III Seminars Michaelmas 2013

The Michaelmas 2013 Part III seminars will be held on Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th and Friday 6th December.  Each talk lasts 45 minutes.

Tea and coffee will be served in the core during 15 minute breaks each morning at 10:30am and afternoon at 3:30pm, and everyone is invited to a party in the Part III room at 5:30pm on Friday.

Abstracts for talks can be viewed on each group's individual page (click on the name of the group).

Please note that there may be slight changes to schedules, so check before turning up!


Wednesday Afternoon


Theoretical Physics 1 (Gauge Theory/String Theory)

Group leader: Chris Blair

MR11 2:00 Carlos Zapata-Carratala Connections on the principal bundle as natural formulations of gauge theories
MR11 2:45 Deyan Mihaylov Kac-Moody algebras and applications to supergravity
MR11 3:45 Megan Leoni Brane Tilings and their Connection to Gauge Field Theories and Geometry (TBC)
MR11 3:45 Nick Jennings Brane tilings and AdS/CFT correspondence

Probability and Statistics

Group leader: Preeyan Parmar

MR15 2:00 Baskaran Sripathmanathan How to eat like a student (intuition for the Simplex method)
MR15 2:45 Lennart Baardman The Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem
MR15 3:45 Mitch Gooding Martingales and Gambler's Ruin
MR15 4:30 James Bell Wormald's Differential Equation Method
MR15 5:15 Thomas Berrett Learning in Dynamic Environments


Thursday Morning



Group leader: Shoham Letzter

MR15 9:00 Holden Lee Szemeredi Regularity and Roth's Theorem
MR15 9:45 Nina Kamčev Hamiltonian Cycles in Cayley Graphs
MR15 10:45 Aled Walker Curvature, Calculus and Combinatorics: Alliteration in Mathematics
MR15 11:30 Zsolt Wagner How to win any game by lying
MR15 12:15 Daniele Cassese Evolutionary Graph Theory


Group leader: Amit Hazi

MR13 9:00 Yuqing Lin Saturated multiplicatively closed sets
MR13 9:45 Nima Amini Universal Enveloping Algebras and the PBW Theorem
MR13 10:45 David Borg The Curry-Howard Isomorphism

Theoretical Physics 2 (QFT)

Group leader: Carl Turner

MR4 10:45 12:00 William Clemens Pulling it together: A Summary of the Casimir Effect
MR4 11:30 12:45 Chandrima Ganguly Particle creation in curved backgrounds


Thursday Afternoon


Topology and Geometry

Group leader: Gabriele Benedetti

MR5 1:50 Kevin Schlegel The Eberlein-Smulian Theorem - an important characterization of weak-compactness in non-metrizable spaces
MR5 2:45 Kevin Carlson Spectra and Representability
MR5 3:45 Didac Martinez-Granado Categorification of skein algebras
MR5 4:30 Tommaso Cremaschi TQFT in low dimension

Theoretical Physics 3 (GR and Cosmology)

Group leader: Davide Gerosa

MR2 2:00 Carlos Zapata-Carratala An Axiomatic Presentation of Relativity
MR2 2:45 Zoe Wyatt Minimal Surfaces in General Relativity
MR2 3:45 Sarah Bosman Quasars and Reionisation
MR2 4:30 Indranil Banik Resisting the Temptation: Galaxies Without Dark Matter

Group Theory

Group leader: John Rizkallah

MR11 2:00 Luka Milicevic Asymptotic Cones and Gromov's Theorem on Groups of Polynomial Growth
MR11 2:45 Andreas Bode The Sylow theorems for profinite groups
MR11 3:45 Nicolas Dupré Hall's Theorem for Soluble Groups


Friday Morning



Group leader: Pierre Haas

MR12 9:00 James Munro The Miles-Howard Theorem: Proof and (Mis)applications
MR12 9:45 Tom Dobra Swimming Methods of Hinged Microorganisms

Complex and Algebraic Geometry

Group leader: Ruadhai Dervan

MR11 9:00 Eoin Ó Murchadha Algebraic Groups and the Nilpotent Cone
MR11 9:45 Jack Kelly Modular Parameterizations of Families of Elliptic Curves
MR11 14:00 (NB) Gurbir Dhillon On the Functorial Veronese and Plucker Embedding

Number Theory

Group leader: Jack Lamplaugh

MR5 9:00 Kwok-Wing Tsoi Eichler-Shimura Construction
MR5 9:45 Alex Torzewski  Galois Modules


Friday Afternoon


Theoretical Physics 4

Group leader: Ciaran Hughes

MR3 2:45 Pietro Genolini Introduction to Conformal Field Theory
MR3 3:45 Gavin Cheung Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics I
MR3 4:30 David-Alexander Robinson Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics II

Arithmetic Geometry

Group leader: Giulio Codogni

MR14 2:00 Sunil Ghosh The Weil Conjectures
MR14 2:45 Oli Gregory The Lichtenbaum Conjecture