Part III Seminar Series (Lent 2009)

The Part III Seminars were organised by Chris Monahan (DAMTP), João Laia (DAMTP), Alex Bartel (DPMMS) and Ant Lei (DPMMS). They took place on Wednesday 11th March in the afternoon, and Thursday 12th, Friday 13th March all day.

Each talk lasted 45 minutes, plus 10 minutes question time.

The timetable looks like this:

09.05-10.00 talk 1
10.00-10.55 talk 2
10.55-11.05 tea break
11.05-12.00 talk 3
12.00-12.55 talk 4

14.05-15.00 talk 1
15.00-15.55 talk 2
15.55-16.05 tea break
16.05-17.00 talk 3
17.00-17.55 talk 4

Please click on a group name to see the abstracts of the talks:

Algebra - Group Leader: Anitha Thillaisundaram
These talks took place on Thursday afternoon in MR13
14.05 (MR13) Jonah Leshin (jl522) - Modular Representations and Conlon's Theorem
15.00 (MR13) Amy Pang (acyp2) - Hopf Algebras and Representation Theory
16.05 (MR13) Julian Gibbons ( - Hecke Algebras, Schubert Varieties, and the Kazhdan-Lusztig Basis
17.00 (MR13) Astrid Jahn (aej30) - Gorenstein Rings

Category Theory - Group Leader: Nathan Bowler
These talks took place on Wednesday afternoon.
15.00 (MR3) Michael Paul Kasa (mk563) - Higher-Dimensional Categories and Their Presentations
16.05 (MR2) Katrina Honigs (kh424) - Coherence Theorems in Two-Dimensional Category Theory
17.00 (MR2) Cai Wingfield (cw417) - Cartesian closed categories and lambda-calculi

Analysis - Group Leader: Adam Harper
These talks took place on Thursday afternoon in MR2.
14.05 (MR2) Tiankai Liu (tl313) - The Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem
15.00 (MR2) Jessica Dyer ( - Interpolating sequences in multiply connected domains
16.05 (MR2) Mette Iversen (moi21) - Singular measures with nice convolution squares
17.00 (MR2) Issan Patri (ip267) - Von Neumann Algebras

Combinatorics - Group Leader: David Ellis
These talks took place on Friday.
12.00 (MR5) Fiachra Knox (fjck2) - Hypergraphs do not jump
14.05 (MR9) Robert Crowston (rec53) - Lagrangians of 3-uniform hypergraphs
15.00 (MR9) Jordan Tirrell (jt411) - Lagrangians of hypergraphs
16.05 (MR9) Alexey Pokrovskiy (ap468) - Hereditary Properties of Hypergraphs and Projection Theorems

Geometry I - Group Leader: Alexander Shannon
These talks took place on Thursday.
The following three talks were all on the subject of Geometric Invariant Theory (GIT):
10.00 (MR14) Rollo Jenkins (rj295) - An Introduction to GIT
11.05 (MR14) David Stotz (ds512) - GIT: Stability and the Hilbert-Mumford Criterion
12.00 (MR14) Lloyd West (lww21) - Applications of GIT: moduli and toric varieties
Lunch Break
14.05 (MR3) Dale Winter (daw51) - Derived Categories in Algebraic Geometry towards the Fourier-Mukai Transform
15.00 (MR3) Bao Le Hung (vbl20) - Koszul Duality

Geometry II - Group Leader: Will Merry
These talks took place on Friday.
09.05 (MR9) Patrick Orson (pho23) - Rational blowdowns and small four-manifolds
10.00 (MR9) Irida Altman (ia257) - Luttinger surgery
15.00 and 16.05 (MR 11) Josh Batson and Ailsa Keating (jdb62 and amk50) - Twisted Alexander polynomials
17.00 (MR 11) Jesus Martinez (jm670) - Yau's solution to the Calabi Conjecture

Number Theory - Group Leader: Rachel Newton
These talks took place on Friday morning in MR15.
09.05 (MR15) Alan Lee (slal3) - The Multiplication Table
10.00 (MR15) Martin Orr (mpo25) - Complex Multiplication and the Hilbert class field

Quantum Field Theory - Group Leader: Ben Collie
These talks took place on Wednesday afternoon in MR9.
15.00 (MR9) Kevin Schaeffer ( - Gravity in Flatland
16.05 (MR9) Sebastian Schmittner (ses66) - What is Super Symmetry and how super can it be?
17.00 (MR9) Rak-Kyeong Seong (rks38) - Seiberg-Duality à la Hanany-Witten: A Beginner's Guide to Flowers

General Relativity - Group Leader: Mathieu Ehrhardt
These talks took place on Thursday in MR9.
12.00 (MR9) Peng Zhao (pz229) - Anti-de Sitter Black Holes
14.05 (MR9) Xian Otero Camano (xo200) - AdS space and the Hawking-Page phase transition
15.00 (MR9) Andrej Nikonov (an345) - The AdS/CFT correspondence
16.05 (MR9) Benedict Crampton (bc284) - Paradoxes of Time Travel
17.00 (MR9) Edward White, Jr. (ecw46) - The Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Relativity

Particle Physics - Group Leader: Stefan Meinel
These talks took place on Friday.
09.05 (MR2) Robert Lanza (rkl24) - CP Violation and Neutrino Oscillations
10.00 (MR2) Alexander Gerbershagen (ag568) - Experimental Evidence for Neutrino Oscillations
15.00 (MR14) Felix Kahlhoefer (fkdk2) - Neutrino Masses in the Left-Right Symmetric Model
16.05 (MR14) Cécile Deterre (cd408) - Absolute Neutrino Masses
17.00 (MR14) Dankrad Feist (dtjf2) - Fermions on the Lattice and the Doubling Problem

Quantum Gravity and Cosmology - Group Leader: Raquel Ribeiro
These talks took place on Friday.
10.00 (MR4) Eva Infeld (eji25) - In the beginning was a graph...
11.05 (MR4) Nora Molkenthin (nkbm2) - Group field theories
14.05 (MR3) Ralf Banisch (rb518) - Let's build a model
15.00 (MR3) Daniel Carmody (dc449) - Slow-roll inflation and curvature perturbations

Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics - Group Leader: Pierre de Fouquieres
These talks took place on Thursday in MR11
09.05 (MR11) Marcelo Alvisio (mja62) - Diffusion limited agregation I
10.00 (MR11) David Belius (dtob2) - Diffusion limited agregation II
11.05 (MR11) Xiang Jerry He (xh232) - Backward Stochastic Differential Equations and Application to Utility Maximization
16.05 (MR11) Yuting Ping (yp224) - Generalised probabilistic theories and information processing
17.00 (MR11) Rainer Engelken (rje48) - See with your ears: topographic vs. tonotopic map formation