Part III Seminars Lent Term 2008

Part III Seminar Series: Wednesday 12th March - Friday 14th March
Organisers: Julia Goedecke (DPMMS) and Matt Dolan (DAMTP)

Thanks to everyone who took part!

Duration of talks: 45 minutes plus 10 minutes questions

Time slots:
10:55-11:10 Coffee Break
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
15:50-16:05 Coffee Break

Coffee/tea and biscuits are offered during the coffee breaks in the CMS Cafe. Everyone is welcome to come to the coffee breaks, whether or not they attend talks before or afterwards.

PARTY: Part III room, 15:50 on the Friday - everyone is welcome


Geometry I - Group Leader: Julian Holstein
17:00 (MR9) Tom Sutherland (tas40) Etale Cohomology II
Friday, mostly MR5:
9:05 Chris Spencer (ccs35) Differential operators and D-modules
10:00 Alexander Shannon (adjs2) D-modules and Hodge Theory
12:05 (MR12) Adam Mole (am619) Crumpled Hypersurfaces

Geometry II - Group Leader: Carl McTague
Thursday, MR11 and MR3:
11:10 Igor Rapinchuk (ir244) The Grothendieck group of a Dedekind domain
12:05 Alexander Ellis (ape21) The Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch Theorem
14:00 MR3 Dominic Jaenichen (dgj24) Volume bounds for Lagrangian submanifolds (with an introduction to symplectic displacement energy)
14:55 MR3 Michael Magee (mrm40) The Selberg Trace Formula for a Compact Riemann Surface - an introduction

Symplectic Topology - Group Leader: Jack Waldron
9:05 (MR12) Christopher Braun (cdb35) Anti-gravity Chocolate Syrup (Floer Homology 1)
10:00 (MR12) Rune Haugseng (rgh36) Constructing Floer homology (on the cotangent bundle)
11:10 (MR15) Luis Haug (lsh31) Floer homology for cotangent bundles and loop space homology
14:00 (MR4) Will Merry (wjm29) The boundary rigidity problem

Number Theory - Group Leaders: Ant Lei and Alex Chmelnitzki
Wednesday, MR9:
16:05 Brandon Levin (bl274) Étale Cohomology
Thursday, MR3:
11:10 Jack Thorne (jat58) Néron models and Tate's algorithm
12:05 Nathan Kaplan (nk322) Elliptic Curves of High Rank
16:05 Carl Erickson (cwe22) Cyclotomic Fields
17:00 CANCELLED Paul Jeffreys (pej22) The Prime Number Theorem via Mellin Transforms

Algebra - Group Leader: James Griffin
Thursday, mostly MR4:
12:05 (MR14) Anitha Thillaisundaram (at396) Finitely presented metabelian groups
14:00 Ana Khukhro (ak467) Gromov's Theorem on groups of polynomial growth
14:55 Maurice Chiodo (mcc56) Intermediate Growth and the Grigorchuk Group
16:05 Elena Kampiti (ek327) Polynomial invariants of finite groups
17:00 Samuel Nartey (sn344) Representations of Kac Moody Algebras

Category Theory/Logic - Group Leaders: Nathan Bowler and Olivia Caramello
Wednesday, MR9:
14:00 John Harvey (jh600) Dynamical Theories
14:55 Roman Priebe (rp307) Arrow's Paradox
Thursday, MR9:
14:00 Andrew Swan (aws31) An Introduction to Modal Logic
14:55 Sam van Gool (sjv25) The Fixed Point Theorem for G
16:05 Roko Mijic (rm382) Meet the Opetopes

Combinatorics - Group Leader: David Ellis
Thursday, MR12:
12:05 Nicholas Korpelainen (nk283) Do We Really Need Density?
16:05 Matas Sileikis (ms751) Some hypergraphs are stable while being almost extremal
17:00 Sean Lip (szwl2) How to Find the Winning Move: An Introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory

Statistics and Probability - Group Leader: Pierre de Fouquieres
9:05 (MR14) Colm Bates (cwb33) Security Pricing in an Optimal Contract Setting
10:00 (MR14) Raphael Assier (rca32) Orthogonal polynomials and their link with Julia sets
11:10 (MR15) Zhou Fang (zf216) P > N Problems: A Brief Overview
12:05 (MR15) Adam Fuller (af381) Free Probability Theory

Theoretical Physics (Relativity) - Group Leader: Steffen Gielen
Friday, MR13:
11:10 Gráinne Costigan (gmc39) Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations
12:05 Eoin Quinn (epq20) Towards a Covariant Entropy Bound
14:00 Bohshiang Jong (bj235) Algebraic Classification of the Weyl Tensor and Black Holes
14:55 Mahdi Godazgar (mmg31) Higher Dimensional Classification of the Weyl Tensor

Theoretical Physics (HEP) - Group Leader: Mathieu Ehrhardt
10:00 (MR5) Alexander Dobrinevski (ad400) Vortices
11:10 (MR4) Norman Rink (nar43) Classical String Motion on AdS5×S5
12:05 (MR4) Hadi Godazgar (hmg30) Large N limit in QFT
14:55 (MR5) Laurent Millischer (lm408) Discovering the Higgs via Two Photon Decay