For Part III seminar speakers


  • Upload your name and title to the google spreadsheet
  • Your talk is scheduled to be 30 minutes (for Michaelmas) or 45 minutes (for Lent), followed by 15 minutes for questions.
  • There is a google spreadsheet for signing up to videotape a practice talk (Mon-Tue) and/or the actual talk (Wed-Fri).
  • If you're giving a talk with slides, you must send a backup copy to your group leader the night before your talk.

General advice

Specific advice

  • Decide on a single thing to be the focus of your talk.
  • Make sure you pitch the talk at the right level.
  • Don't overrun. (Most people do.) 
  • Run through your talk at least once beforehand so you know you can do it and roughly how long it takes.