Catch-up Workshops

Michaelmas 2016

The catch-up workshops are interactive sessions for new Part III students led by PhD students in the first week of Michaelmas term. The purpose is to recap the important knowledge and techniques from the undergraduate course at Cambridge that are necessary for the Part III courses.

Abstracts are now available here!

If you have any questions, please contact Matthew Crowe (mc756).


Thursday 6th October

Rings and Modules (MR4 2pm-4pm)

Fluid Dynamics (MR9 2pm-4pm)

Measure Theory (MR12 4pm-6pm)


Friday 7th October

Algebraic Topology (MR4 2pm-4pm)

Quantum Mechanics (MR9 2pm-4pm)

Functional Analysis (MR5 4pm-6pm) 


Monday 10th October

Algebraic Geometry (MR4 2pm-4pm)

General Relativity (MR9 4pm-6pm)


Tuesday 11th October

Statistics (MR14 2:30pm-4:30pm)