Part III Cafe 2009

The Part III Cafe is an opportunity for Part III students to chat informally (over tea and biscuits) with PhD students about any aspect of Part III they are having trouble with. This includes the courses themselves and also the associated beaurocracy. Of course, anybody who just wants biscuits, a hot drink and a place to chat is also welcome.

The following students have volunteered to help out:

Rishi Vyas Algebra
Jon Nelson Algebra
Joanna Fawcett Algebra
Elena Yudovina algebraic topology, differential geometry, mathematics of operational research
Peter Herbrich differential geometry
Julian Holstein algebraic geometry, topology
Alex Shannon algebraic geometry and topology, category theory
Nathan Bowler category theory, combinatorics
David Saxton combinatorics
Julia Goedecke category theory
Zach McKenzie logic
Pierre de Fouquieres quantum computation, numerical analysis

Stephen Casey QFT, general relativity
Peng Zhao QFT, general relativity
Katy Richardson astrophysics, fluids
Peter Mann astrophysics, fluids
Hadi Godazgar high energy physics and general relativity
Tom Hammant high energy physics
Madeleine Golding fluids
Rosie Robison fluids
Andrew Crosby fluids
Samuel Rabin fluids
Daisuke Takagi fluids
Tom Flannaghan fluids
Sam Pegler fluids


The cafe will be in the CMS core for the first 4 weeks of term, on Mondays and Fridays at 4pm and on Wednesdays at 5pm. The final cafe, on Wednesday the 4th of November, will take place in the part III room. Here is a rota listing who will be serving at each session:




Friday 9th October (4pm)

Joanna Fawcett, Elena Yudovina, Nathan Bowler, David Saxton, Julia Goedecke, Pierre de Fouquieres, Peng Zhao, Katy Richardson, Madeleine Golding and anybody else who can make it.

Monday 12th October (4pm)

Peter Herbrich, Pierre de Fouquieres, Samuel Rabin, Hadi Godazgar and Tom Flannaghan

Wednesday 14th October (5pm)

Alex Shannon, Zach McKenzie, Andrew Crosby, Tom Hammant and Madeleine Golding

Friday 16th October (4pm)

Rishi Vyas, Julia Goedecke, Peng Zhao and Peter Mann

Monday 19th October (4pm)

Jon Nelson, Pierre de Fouquieres, Hadi Godzagar and Rosie Robison

Wednesday 21st October (5pm)

Elena Yudovina, Nathan Bowler, Katy Richardson and Daisuke Takagi

Friday 23rd October (4pm)

Elena Yudovina, Peng Zhao, Stephen Casey and Peter Mann

Monday 26th October (4pm)

Rishi Vyas, Joanna Fawcett, Zach McKenzie and Samuel Rabin

Wednesday 28th October (5pm)

Julian Holstein, Nathan Bowler, Daisuke Takagi and Tom Hammant

Friday 30th October (4pm)

David Saxton, Julia Goedecke, Stephen Casey and Katy Richardson

Monday 2nd November (4pm)

Jon Nelson, Peter Herbrich, Rosie Robison and Tom Flannaghan

Wednesday 4th November (5pm)

Julian Holstein, Nathan Bowler, Madeleine Golding and Andrew Crosby


If you are unavailable on the date listed above, or have any other questions, email one of the organisers:

Nathan Bowler (DPMMS) - njb65
Madeleine Golding (DAMTP) - mjg88