Part III Café

The Part III Café is an opportunity for Part III students to chat informally (over tea/coffee/squash and biscuits) with PhD students about any aspect of Part III they are having trouble with. This includes the courses themselves as well as the associated bureaucracy and other aspects of life in Cambridge. Of course, anybody who just wants biscuits, a hot drink and company is also welcome.

The recommended way to use this is simply to bring your notes and examples sheets along, collect a cup of tea and a handful of biscuits, sit down at a table and try to make sense of your notes.  When you get stuck just ask for help, and someone will introduce you to someone who has experience in the subject. There is no need to be embarrassed or uncomfortable about asking, Part III Cafe is there specifically to help you. If you are from outside Cambridge, those Part III students who did Part II at Cambridge are also an extremely useful resource; they at least will know what lecturers will expect you to be familiar with, as distinct from new material.  They will probably also have course notes from the previous year, and, having only sat exams in these subjects four months early, will still be able to give a very good account of these courses.

Part III Cafe is also an excellent place to ask general questions like "Where can I find a sports group/orchestra/anything else?" or "Where can I buy cheap/reliable something or other?" or "Can I get help learning English better/another language/computing courses etc?" or "What can I do on a Sunday where my friends/parents are visiting?".  Later in the term you may also be asking things like "How do I apply for a PhD place?" and "How can I get funding?"

Part III Café usually runs in the core on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the first four weeks of Michaelmas term.

Michaelmas 2013

The schedule is:
Mon 4pm
Wed 5pm (After the talk)
Fri 4pm
There is a google document listing the PhD students attending each Café. The link has been sent out in an email and can also be found here (requires login).

The café is now being run by Part III students, led by Dana (dm537) and Zoe (zw253). To sign up for serving at the café, see the link on this page (requires login).

Past events:
Michaelmas 2011
Michaelmas 2010
Michaelmas 2009
Michaelmas 2008