Academic Events

For general information on various aspects of PhD life, see our PhD info page.


Seminar practice: The CMS facilities team owns a video camera which members of CUGMS can use to record themselves giving seminars (either when alone as practice or in front of an audience). Contact our Transferable Skills Officer if you are interested.

Seminars for undergraduates: Undergraduate mathematical societies might be interested in graduate student talks. The Trinity Maths Society runs a symposium in Lent term where graduate students can present their research.

Student-run informal seminar series

Please talk to the relevant contact person for details, to be added to the mailing list, or if you want to give a talk.

CAKE (Cambridge Analysts' Knowledge Exchange) seminars: Analysis seminars by PhD students and postdocs followed by coffee and cake, every Wednesday at 4pm. A schedule is available here. Contact: Marcus (mdw42).

Junior category theory seminar: Category theory seminars aimed at PhD and Part III students followed by tea and biscuits, every Thursday at 2pm. Contact: Guilherme (gfl21).

Kinderseminar: Algebra / Logic / Number Theory seminars for and by PhD and Part III students, every Friday at 3.30pm. A schedule is available here. Contact: Julian (jmab6).

Directions in research series: This is an opportunity to tell your fellow PhD students about your current research and it also aims to give Part III students a flavour of the work that goes on in DAMTP and DPMMS. This has been inactive since 2008, but do come speak to us if you're interested in reviving it.

Shandong Summer School

Each summer, a group of research students from CMS go to Linyi Normal University in Shandong province to run a mathematics summer school for advanced mathematics students (final year and Masters level students) from Shandong province.

Young Researchers in Mathematics

A large annual conference organised for and by graduate students, taking place at different universities in the UK.

Part III events

See this page for details of how PhD students can help support Part III students.