Who organises things? (2013-2014)

Committee 2013–2014

NB: Due to changes in the constitution, this committee's term lasted only between Michaelmas 2013 and Lent 2014.

President: Gunnar Peng (ggp24)
Treasurer: Tamara von Glehn (tlv22)
Secretary: Rachael Bonnebaigt (rhb33)
Part III Coordinator: Ha Thu Nguyen (htn21)
Transferable Skills Officer: Harry Braviner (hb295)
Webmaster: Carl Turner (cpt39)

To email us, add @cam.ac.uk to the CRSid.
NOTE TO COMPANIES who wish us to email our members: please see our careers page.

CUGMS members who've organised events 2013-2014

Many thanks to everyone who's volunteered at CUGMS events. Without you we wouldn't get anything done! It's very likely that we've missed out some people in this list. Apologies if this is the case - please tell the committee and we'll add you/them. The list of regular jobs that need doing every year can be found here.

DPMMS induction day: Ha-Thu Nguyen
Training courses: Josh Caplan, Gabriele Benedetti
Mathematiciens sans frontieres: 

Part III...
Café: Pierre Haas, Sean Moss
Catch-up lectures: Tom Gillespie, Zhen Lin Low, Julian Holstein, Jack Lamplugh, Bhargav Narayanan, Julian Brough, Imdad Sardharwalla, Joe Keir
Research Groups Cam/UK: Megan Stamper, Paige North, Rachael Bonnebaigt, Alexis Kaminski, Tom Eaves, Adam Lewicki, Cangxiong Chen, Gareth Ainsworth, Harry Braviner, Ruadhai Dervan
Seminars: Christina Vasilakopoulou, Rahul Jha, Tom Gillespie

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