Who organises things? (2011-2012)



It's very likely that some people who should be on this page have been missed. Apologies if this is the case - please tell the committee and we'll add you/them. You can also view previous People pages for 2010-2011, 2009-20102008-20092007-2008 and 2006-2007.


The committee oversee things, but many other helpful people are involved in the running of CUGMS activities, all of whom would be happy to hear from members who'd like to help out, get advice on organising a similar event, or take over their job next year! There are descriptions of the many regular jobs that need doing every year. You might also be interested in our archive of past events.

The committee 2011–2012


Anastasia Kisil - President,  ak528 "at" cam.ac.uk

Yixin Kirsty Wan Treasurer, yw265 "at" cam.ac.uk

Hiro Funakoshi - Secretary, hf242 "at" cam.ac.uk

Natasha Kudryashova - Part III Coordinator, nk375 "at" cam.ac.uk

Guido Franchetti - Transferable Skills Officer, gf270 "at" cam.ac.uk

NOTE TO COMPANIES who wish us to email our members: please see this page.

CUGMS members who've organised events 2011-2012

Without these people we wouldn't get anything done!
CUGMS members who've helped out at events 2010-2011

Many thanks to everyone who's volunteered at CUGMS events.
Happy Hour volunteers -
Part III cafe volunteers -
Research groups in Cambridge group leaders -

Our current constitution is available in PDF format. You can also view our old constitution (2006, 2007).