People page 2008-2009

It's very likely that some people who should be on this page have been missed. Apologies if this is the case - please tell the committee and we'll add you/them. You can also view previous People pages for 2007-2008 and 2006-2007.

The committee oversee things, but many other helpful people are involved in the running of CUGMS activities, all of whom would be happy to hear from members who'd like to help out, get advice on organising a similar event, or take over their job next year! There are descriptions of the many regular jobs that need doing every year. You might also be interested in our archive of past events.

The committee 2008–2009

Julia Goedecke - Co-President, E0.08, J.Goedecke 'at'
Hanno Rein - Co-President, F1.01, hr260 'at'
Draga Pihler - Treasurer, G0.01, dp354 'at'
Matt Dolan - Social Events Coordinator, B0.09, M.J.Dolan 'at'

CUGMS members who've organised events 2008–2009

Without these people we wouldn't get anything done!
Alex Bartel - Part III Seminars, Michaelmas 2008, Lent 2009.
Nathan Bowler - Part III cafe, Michaelmas 2008.
Matt Dolan - Part III Seminars, Michaelmas 2008.
Alex Frolkin - maintains the CUGMS website, which makes all events easier to organise.
Steffen Gielen - Beyond Part III committee.
Julia Goedecke - Games evenings.
Olga Goulko - Beyond Part III committee.
Julian Holstein - Beyond Part III committee.
João Laia - Part III Seminars, Lent 2009.
Ant Lei - Part III Seminars, Michaelmas 2008, Lent 2009.
Lilian Matthiesen - DPMMS induction day, 7 Oct 2008.
Chris Monahan - Part III Seminars, Lent 2009.
Katy Richardson - Part III cafe, Michaelmas 2008.
Rosie Robison - Beyond Part III committee.
Omri Ross - Beyond Part III committee.
Tony Short - Games evenings.
Chris Taylor - Beyond Part III committee.
Anitha Thillaisundaram - End of Year picnic.
Ioanna Vlahou - Happy Hour boss.

CUGMS members who've helped out at events 2008–2009

Many thanks to everyone who's volunteered at CUGMS events.
Happy Hour volunteers - Maurice Blount, Simon Byrne, Fenwick Cooper, Madeline Cule, Matt Dolan, Jonny Evans, Alex Frolkin, Steffen Gielen, Alex Holyoake, Sue Liu, Adrian Lloyd, Ricardo Monteiro, Ignacio Pisso, Roberto Saenz, Jorge Santos, Steffen Schuch, Paul Smith, Euan Spence, Chris Taylor, Maxine von Eye, Claude Warnick, Richard Wood, Toby Wood
Archimedeans seminars for undergraduates speakers -
Part III Seminar group leaders - Nathan Bowler, Tae-Joon Cho, Ben Collie, Mathieu Ehrhardt, David Ellis, Pierre de Fouquieres, Hadi Godazgar, Mahdi Godazgar, Adam Harper, Sven Krippendorf, Sean Lip, Alexander Lorz, Stefan Meinel, Will Merry, Chris Monahan, Rachel Newton, Raquel Ribeiro, Alexander Shannon, Anitha Thillaisundaram, Heer Zhao
Part III cafe volunteers - Ta Sheng Tan, Eoin Long, Zach McKenzie, Mariano Zeron-Medina, Anitha Thillaisundaram, Chris Bowman, Rishi Vyas, Julia Goedecke, Nathan Bowler, Alexander Shannon, Jack Waldron, Richard Harris, Thomas Trenner, James Griffin, Adam Harper, Rachel Newton, Pierre de Fouquieres, Simon Byrne, Hui Guo, Richard Pymar, Alex Lorz, Toby Wood, Madeleine Golding, Katy Richardson, Rosie Robison, Adrian Lloyd, Tom Flannaghan, Maurice Blount, Olga Goulko, Kate Marvel, Sen Rajamanoharan, Mark Durkee, Matt Dolan, Linda Uruchutu, Ben Collie, Chris Taylor, John Fletcher, Maxi von Eye