People page 2007-2008

It's very likely that some people who should be on this page have been missed. Apologies if this is the case - please tell the committee and we'll add you/them.

The committee oversee things, but many other helpful people have been involved in the running of CUGMS activities. You might also be interested in our archive of past events.

The committee 2007–2008

Toby Wood - President, F0.16,
John Fletcher - Treasurer, F0.01,
Rosie Robison - Secretary, G2.03, ravr2 'at'

CUGMS members who organised events 2007–2008

Without these people we wouldn't get anything done!
Adrian Barker - Selwyn formal hall, 18th Apr 2008.
Maurice Blount - Part III cafe, Michaelmas 2007.
Clare Burrage - Yoga, Michaelmas 2007.
Dinesh Deshpande - Homotopy return conference, 4-7 Dec 2007.
Matt Dolan - Part III Seminars Lent 2008.
Maxine von Eye - Happy Hour. Lucy Cavendish formal hall, 24th Jan 2008.
Alex Frolkin - maintains the CUGMS website, which makes all events easier to organise.
Julia Goedecke - Part III Seminars Lent 2008 and Michaelmas 2007. Games evenings.
Olga Goulko - Theoretical Physics return conference, 16-18 April 2008. Beyond Part III conference.
Andreas Holmstrom - Homotopy return conference, 4-7 Dec 2007.
Hanno Rein - LHC First Beam, 10 Sep 2008.
Jack Waldron - Part III cafe, Michaelmas 2007. Games evenings.

CUGMS members who've helped out at events 2007–2008

Many thanks to everyone who's volunteered at CUGMS events.
Happy Hour volunteers - Marj Batchelor, Maurice Blount, Nathan Bowler, Clare Burrage, Andrew Conlan, Fenwick Cooper, Madeline Cule, Alfredo Deano, Jonny Evans, Pierre de Fouquieres, Alex Frolkin, Julia Gog, Alex Holyoake, Marianne Khanamiryan, Sue Liu, Adrian Lloyd, Lillian Matthiesen, Ricardo Monteiro, Vicky Neale, Ignacio Pisso, Marco Polin, Rosie Robison, Roberto Saenz, Jorge Santos, Tanya Shingel, Euan Spence, Maren Stein, Chris Taylor, Jack Waldron, Xiaoting Wang, Claude Warnick, Toby Wood
Directions in Research speakers - Anthony Ashton, Jakob Bjornberg, Jonny Evans, Maxine von Eye, Julia Goedecke, Simon Griffiths, Mark Macdonald, Peter Mason, Euan Spence, Chris Taylor, Jack Waldron, Toby Wood.
Archimedeans seminars for undergraduates speakers - David Conlon, Julian Holstein, Chris Taylor.
Part III Seminar group leaders - Marie Bjerrum, Nathan Bowler, Olivia Caramello, Alex Chmelnitzki, Mathieu Ehrhardt, David Ellis, Jonny Evans, Pierre de Fouquieres, Steffen Gielen, James Griffin, Julian Holstein, Ant Lei, Sarah Lilienthal, Alexander Lorz, Carl McTague, Jon Middleton, Vicky Neale, Charles Vial, Jack Waldron.
Part III cafe volunteers - Nathan Bowler, Chris Cawthorn, Mark Durkee, Jonny Evans, Alex Frolkin, Steffen Gielen, Julia Goedecke, Olga Goulko, James Griffin, Hui Guo, Andreas Holmstrom, Julian Holstein, Dan Jane, Sarah Lilienthal, Mark Macdonald, Kate Marvel, Rui Lima Matos, Vicky Neale, Rosie Robison, Graham Sills, Maren Stein, Thomas Trenner, Misha Tyomkyn.
End of year picnic - Katy Richardson.