People page 2006-2007

The CUGMS committee for 2006—2007 was:

Maxine von Eye Maxine von Eye, DAMTP
Alexander Frolkin Alexander Frolkin, DPMMS
Treasurer and computing officer
Alexander Frolkin Dan Jane, DPMMS

It's very likely that some people who should be on this page have been missed. Apologies if this is the case - please tell the committee and we'll add you/them.

The committee oversee things, but many other helpful people have been involved in the running of CUGMS activities right from the start. You might also be interested in our archive of past events.

The committee 2006–2007

Maxine von Eye - President, F0.01,
Alex Frolkin - Treasurer and computing officer, C0.02,
Dan Jane - Secretary, E0.03,

CUGMS members who've organised events 2006–2007

Without these people we wouldn't get anything done!
Mark MacDonald - Part III cafe, Michaelmas 2006.
Jai Grover - Part III cafe, Michaelmas 2006.
Clare Burrage - Yoga, date?.
Ben Collie - Theoretical Physics return conference, 21 Mar 2007.
Jonny Evans - Part III Seminars Michaelmas 2006 and Lent 2007.
Toby Wood - Part III Seminars Lent 2007.
Julia Gog - Happy Hour founder, 27 Jul 2007.
Euan Spence - Part III Seminars Michaelmas 2006.
? - Games evenings.

CUGMS members who've helped out at events 2006–2007

Many thanks to everyone who's volunteered at CUGMS events.
Happy Hour volunteers - ?
Directions in Research speakers - ?
Archimedeans seminars for undergraduates speakers - ?
Part III Seminar group leaders - ?
Part III cafe volunteers - ?